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Open Networks 2020 WS3-P1 DSO Implementation Roadmap Guide
Resource library

Comprehensive guide to the Distribution System Operators (DSO) Roadmap, including a summary of roadmap principles and individual steps


Open Networks 2021 WS3-P1 DSO Roadmap and Implementation Plan Webinar Slide Pack (20 Apr 2021)
Resource library

Slide deck from the DSO Roadmap webinar hosted by ENA and DNV, held 20/04/21


Open Networks DSO Implementation Plan Roadmap
Resource library

Link to an interactive tool displaying a roadmap of the Distribution System Operators (DSO) Implementation Plan hosted on Tableau


ON21 DSO Roadmap Contact List
Resource library

Details of all the DSO leads at the DNOs


Open Networks 2021 WS3-P1 DSO Roadmap data (15 Apr 2021)
Resource library

Excel spreadsheet of the current DSO roadmap data


Realising the network of the future: DSO Implementation Plan launched

Britain’s energy networks are planning and building a future power grid that leaves nobody behind, letting homes, businesses, and communities make the most of their electric…


Open Networks 2021 WS3-P1 DSO Implementation Plan Report (31 Mar 2021)
Resource library

Report to accompany the DSO Roadmap to explain how to use the tableau roadmap and how to read the appendices.


Open Networks

Britain’s energy landscape is changing, and new smart technologies are changing the way we interact with the energy system. Our Open Networks project is transforming the way…


Looking at the priorities for Open Networks in 2021

Farina Farrier, ENA's Head of Open Networks looks at how the project will push forward change that will improve transparency, boost new flexibility markets and secure the…