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What to do if you smell gas

Smell gas? Immediately call the free gas emergency number 0800 111 999 if you smell gas or are worried about gas safety. In Northern Ireland call 0800 002 001, and in the Republic of Ireland 1850 20 50 50.

Gas flame and pot on a stove top

Your local gas network is ready around the clock to deal with emergencies in your area.

Smell gas?


  • Open doors and windows to ventilate the property.
  • Turn off the gas at the mains tap. This can usually be located near the gas meter and has a handle that can be turned 90 degrees. If the gas leak is in a cellar or basement, do not enter and instead evacuate the building.
  • Call the National Gas Emergency number: 0800 111 999. In Northern Ireland its 0800 002 001, and in the Republic of Ireland 1850 20 50 50.
  • Contact your GP if you feel dizzy, tired, sick or have headaches after being exposed to a gas leak.

Contractors should call the emergency helpline number if they have dug up or breached a gas mains pipe.


  • Turn power or light switches on or off.
  • Light any sort of flame in the property.
  • Use appliances that could cause a spark.

Smell gas?

In Great Britain, call 0800 111 999

In Northern Ireland, call 0800 002 001 

In the Republic of Ireland, call 1850 20 50 50

You should call 999 if:

  • Someone is in immediate danger
  • Someone needs immediate emergency medical care
  • A crime is taking place or about to happen

Problem with your boiler or gas appliances?

Your local gas network is responsible for supplying homes and businesses with gas through their pipes. They do not fix gas appliances or sort metering or billing issues.

Boiler or gas appliance not working?

Call a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

Looking for support with your energy costs?

If you need advice, or think you may get into difficulty, contact your energy supplier as soon as you can. You can find their contact details on a recent energy bill.

Support for metering or billing issues?

Contact your gas supplier for any queries or issues with your meter or your bill. Details can be found on a recent energy bill.

Your local energy network is here to help in an emergency. If you smell gas or suspect a carbon monoxide leak, act now and call 0800 111 999 immediately.

Need extra help?

The energy networks can help if you have additional needs because of your medical or personal circumstances. Contact your local network operator and ask about the free Priority Services Register.

Help you could get if you lose gas supply, includes:

  • heating and cooking facilities
  • accommodation
  • regular direct updates, such as by telephone.

Energy suppliers also offer additional services, including a free gas safety check every 12 months. You are eligible for the free safety check if you get a means-tested benefit and either live:

  • with others who have reached state pension age or are disabled, chronically ill or under 18 years old.
  • with a child under five years old
  • alone or with others and have reached state pension age
  • alone or with others and are disabled or chronically ill.

Landlords are normally responsible for keeping your gas appliances safe if you rent a property. The Health and Safety Executive website provides more advice on what landlords must do. 

Compensation if your gas supply goes off

You might be entitled to compensation if your gas supply goes off. What you can claim depends on:

  • if it is due to planned works
  • how long you don’t have gas
  • if a network operator has not met standards set by Ofgem, the GB energy regulator.

Check if you are eligible for gas supply issues compensation

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