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Who’s my network operator?

Your energy network operator can tell you who your energy supplier is, if you're unsure or just don't know.

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You can choose who supplies your energy. This company is known as your energy supplier and they bill you for the energy you use. If you're not sure who your energy supplier is, you'll need to contact your energy network operator who can help you to find out. Your energy network operator can can also help you with things like connecting your property to electricity or gas and moving your meter.

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Customers in the Republic of Ireland should contact ESB Networks for electricity and Gas Networks Ireland for gas.

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What's an energy network operator?

The energy networks are like a system of roads that transport electricity and gas from where it's made to homes and businesses. Transmission lines and pipes carry electricity and gas over long distances, and distribution lines bring it to individual places. Network operators look after these wires and pipes. If there's a problem, like a power cut, they work to fix it. Their job is crucial for keeping our lights on and making sure we have a reliable supply of electricity and gas.

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