The voice of the networks

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Operational telecommunications

Telecommunications play a central role in the operations of energy networks.

Our Strategic Telecommunications Group and allied bodies provide opportunities to exchange information and best practice in the key elements of telecommunications in electricity and gas distribution networks.

Issues covered by the allied network operators include safety, standards, resilience, use of internet protocol, cyber security, resilience, spectrum management and European updates.

Spectrum allocation and investment in operational telecommunications to support electricity networks

The ENA Strategic Telecommunications Group (STG), consists of members of all UK Distribution Network Operators and National Grid. The group developed a narrative position statement on the current and future state of operational telecommunications and liaise with Ofcom on the future application of Spectrum and enhanced operational telecommunications.

Electricity network operators recognise the increasing complexity of network management when addressing the challenges of providing a leaner, more efficient network and how enhanced operational telecommunications are essential to achieving this. The narrative is the first step along this path to enhanced operational telecommunications capability and is intended to support the electricity network operators as they look to develop their business model to reflect the changing market context.

Strategic Telecommunications Group (Resilience)

This working group is overseen by the Strategic Telecommunications Group. It was set up at the request of the Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy Energy Emergencies Executive Committee Electricity Task Group to review and understand the resilience of operational and voice telecommunications in business as usual and emergency system operation.

The Group oversee the creation of strategic aims, agrees management solutions and support standards to be used in the development of systems necessary to support resilient network communications at all voltages. The aim for the group is to understand and provide strategic direction on operational telecommunication resilience, deliver industry lead discussion on telecommunications resilience to government-led groups, develop industry best practice and guidance and understand security and resilience options and implications for shared assets.

Smart grid and innovation

Strategic Telecommunications Group are focused on connected customer communication and smart technologies. There are several areas looking into initiatives that will call on telecommunications resources, such as the Smarter Networks Project, which are looking at data acquisition and information required for networks to operate and communicate effectively via automation and control ability.

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