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Connect Direct

ENA Connect Direct is the new single online form for installers making the application process better, faster and easier.

We are launching ENA Connect Direct, a new faster, more accurate, online platform, designed to significantly reduce installation application time and provide an almost instant approval mechanism. 

ENA Connect Direct is available to a select number of domestic installers during its initial phase, providing key lessons for a wider launch in 2024. Watch this space.

  • The adoption of ENA Connect Direct will standardise data flow and communication for installers as well as enhance data feedback for DNOs with improved speed and consistency.
  • Working with an installer that uses ENA Connect Direct means customers will help ensure a safe installation and that all the obligations of the installation are met.
  • ENA Connect Direct is a major step forward in the UK’s Energy System providing a more consistent, efficient, and accurate process across UK DNOs. It moves the process from a centralised one-way power network to a bidirectional smart and flexible grid, allowing DNOs increased visibility for network design and operation.

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By providing a single online form, ENA Connect Direct will simplify the current process and streamline installation applications.​


ENA Connect Direct will improve speed, cutting down application time and providing an almost instant approval.

More accurate

ENA Connect Direct means more accurate and efficient data and communication for Distribution Network Operators (DNOs).

  • Who is ENA Connect Direct for?

    Connect Direct is for Installers of Low Carbon Technology (LCT) applications, notifying DNOs of the connection to the grid.

    In addition, it holds data about the LCT models available on the UK market to allow automation of connection applications.

  • What problem does Connect Direct aim to solve?

    Connect Direct digitalises the current paper-based connection process.

    G98, G99, G100 applications will still be accepted.

    Our vision is for Connect Direct to remove the friction from the LCT connections process, by connecting installers directly to the GB and NI DNOs, and by automating as much of the forms as possible.

    This automation reduces the amount of information an installer needs to provide and uses machine-to-machine communication to speed up the process. The platform is capable of auto approving applications, making it better, faster, and easier than the current paper-based process

  • Which DNOs are directly involved in Connect Direct?

    Initially this will be for all 7 UK (including Northern Ireland) DNOs:

    • Electricity North West
    • National Grid Electricity Distribution
    • Northern Ireland Electricity Networks
    • Northern Powergrid
    • SP Energy Networks
    • Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks
    • UK Power Networks

    For Full Product Launch, this will also include iDNOs.

  • How much does it cost to use?

    It’s a free to use product for installers and LCT manufacturers. 

  • What is an MVP

    The purpose of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is to develop a basic functional product.

  • What will be the difference between MVP and Full Product Launch (FPL)?

    The full product launch will invite installers to submit applications through a web portal, which is more accessible than the automated links (API) to installer systems developed for the MVP. It will also feature a digitialised product registration journey for the Type Test Register (TTR) and Low Carbon Technologies (LCT database), as well as other features that will reduce the friction encountered by installers.

    We plan to launch the full product at the end of Q1 2024.

  • What is connecting via API?

    An API, which stands for application programming interface, is a set of protocols that enable different software components to communicate and transfer data.

    There are a selected number of installers connecting to the Connect Direct Platform via API. This means that for MVP, a small group of early adopters will be able to submit applications via API.

  • When will this be open to all installers?

    The Installer web portal for applications will be released with Full Product Launch at the end of Q1 2024.

  • How can Connect Direct auto-approve applications?

    The decision logic currently used by the DNO connection engineers has been imported into the Connect Direct Platform.

    This allows the platform to run a series of checks, just as a connection engineer would. When all of these checks are passed Connect Direct can auto-approve the application, and if not it will escalate to a DNO connection engineer to review.

    As the connection engineer is only reviewing the residual escalated applications, this will speed up the review time for these applications too.

  • How do i stay informed about FPL?

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