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What to do during a power cut

Power cut? Contact your local network operator online or call 105, the free power cut emergency number. If you're in Northern Ireland, call 03457 643643. In the Republic of Ireland, call 1850 372 999.

Thanks to billions of pounds of investment, the energy networks are more reliable than ever. But severe weather can sometimes bring down power lines and cause power cuts. On the rare occasions this happens, remember the Prepare, Care, Share plan:


  • Follow your network operator on social media so you can find local updates. Social media and your local network operator’s website are the best places for key updates and restoration times in storms or emergencies.
  • Save 105, the free national power cut emergency number, to your phone. In Northern Ireland, call 03457 643643. In the Republic of Ireland, call 1850 372 999.
  • Keep a mobile phone fully charged so you can use it to go online for updates or call if you have a power cut.
  • Keep a torch handy in case you are without power during the night.
  • Switch off all electrical appliances that shouldn’t be left unattended, ready for when the power comes back on.
  • Leave a light on so you know when the power cut has been fixed.


  • Check to see if your neighbours are safe and if they have a power cut too. If they have power, your trip switch may have activated.
  • Ensure your household and your neighbours have warm clothes, blankets and food which doesn’t need heating accessible.
  • Check to see if you or someone you know can get extra help during bad weather through the Priority Services Register.


Need extra help?

The energy networks can help if you have additional needs because of your medical or personal circumstances.

If you are on your local network operator’s free Priority Services Register, they will prioritise getting help to you first in an emergency.

Being on a Priority Services Register won’t mean your electricity supply will be restored more quickly in a power cut. But you could get:

  • heating and cooking facilities
  • accommodation
  • regular direct updates, such as by telephone.
  • advanced notice of planned power cuts.

If your power has gone out and you are not yet registered for Priority Services support but need help, tell your network operator now so they know.

Found a damaged power line or infrastructure?

  • Keep as far away from the hazard as possible.
  • Keep other people as far away from the hazard as possible, but don't put yourself in danger.
  • Contact your network operator immediately. In Great Britain, call 105. In Northern Ireland, call 03457 643643. In the Republic of Ireland, call 1850 372 999.
  • If there is an immediate risk to life or someone is in danger, dial 999.

Compensation for power cuts

You might be entitled to compensation if your electricity supply goes off. What you can claim depends on:

  • if a power cut is planned
  • how long you don’t have electricity
  • if a network operator has not met standards set by Ofgem, the GB energy regulator.

Check if you are eligible for power cut compensation.

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