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Who’s my network operator?

Your energy network operator can tell you who your energy supplier is, if you're unsure or just don't know.

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You can choose who supplies your energy. This company is known as your energy supplier and they bill you for the energy you use. If you're not sure who your energy supplier is, your energy network operator can tell you. Find out who they are by entering your postcode or search our interactive maps below.

Enter your postcode

Type each part of your postcode below to find out who your local energy network operator is. Make sure you split your postcode correctly across the two boxes. Just so you know, we protect your privacy and don't save any postcode information you enter on this form.

Customers in the Republic of Ireland should contact ESB Networks for electricity and Gas Networks Ireland for gas. We don't save your postcode search information.

Find on a map

Find your energy network operator by selecting the relevant map below. Tap or click on your region to be taken to your network operator’s website.