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Update on Storm Babet

21 October 2023


Storm Babet has caused disruption across the UK.

Sunday 22 October - 11am

All homes have been reconnected following Storm Babet, with the exception of those which are badly storm damaged and uninhabitable.

SSEN Distribution teams continue to work as part of the Local Resilience Partnership to support people in Brechin. The remaining floodwater in the town, and the damage within properties, means connections cannot be restored safely at this time to around 150 properties. SSEN is working closely with authorities through the Local Resilience Partnership to understand when power can be restored safely. For further information see SSEN Distribution's website.

Saturday 21 October - 11am

Around 100,000 customers have been affected by power cuts caused by Storm Babet across the UK. More than 96% of customers have now been reconnected and around 4,000 are without power, as of 8am this morning (21 October). 

We are taking this opportunity to highlight important safety advice. 

Ross Easton, from Energy Networks Association, said: 

"The storm is continuing to cause disruption with severe weather warnings remaining in force. Power technicians, where it is safe to do so, are making repairs quickly and additional customer service teams are contacting customers to keep them updated. If you see something that is unsafe - such as downed power lines - keep well clear and call 105 for free to let us know. If there's a risk to life, dial 999." 

Access challenges

Technicians are having challenges accessing some parts of the country, due to the flooding which has been widely publicised in news reports.

For instance, the main A90 road is still closed between Dundee and Stonehaven, and extensive flooding and fallen trees mean many more minor routes are either blocked or only passable with extreme care. In these difficult circumstances, work to reconnect customers goes on, as quickly and as safely as it is possible to do so.

Safety advice

If you see something that is unsafe - such as downed power lines - keep well clear and call 105 for free to let us know. If there's a risk to life, dial 999.


Some customers may be entitled to compensation, depending on the disruption they have experienced. Further information can be found at

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