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Remember, remember, stay safe this November

03 November 2021


Safety experts at Britain’s electricity networks are urging people who are planning bonfire night celebrations to stay safe, plan ahead, and keep bonfires and fireworks well away from overhead powerlines and other electrical equipment.

Bonfire Night is a fun night out for all the family but sometimes the risks are not obvious and interfering with the electricity network can cause power cuts and even prove fatal.

It is vital to keep fireworks and bonfires away from powerlines and other electrical equipment. Britain’s electricity networks have provided three top tips to stay safe while you’re having fun this bonfire night:

  1. Plan ahead: Plan your celebration in advance, preferably in daylight. Take some time to check your surroundings first and make sure you're well away from our overhead power lines and other electrical equipment
  2. Look out, look up: Building bonfires and lighting fireworks anywhere near overhead powerlines can be extremely dangerous so make sure you’re aware of any potential hazards overhead
  3. Keep your distance: Wind can blow flames and sparks onto overhead powerlines so make sure you’re in a safe location to enjoy the celebration. Remember that electricity can also jump gaps so always keep a safe distance

David Spillett, Head of Safety, Health and Environment at Energy Networks Association which represents the UK and Ireland’s energy networks businesses said:

“Bonfire night’s fun and exciting but it’s vital we stay safe while we’re enjoying ourselves. Follow our three top tips to stay safe: plan ahead, look out and look up, and keep your distance from overhead powerlines and other electrical equipment. And importantly, have a great evening!”

If you become aware of any damage to electrical apparatus or believe an item has gone into a substation, then keep well clear and call 105.

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