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Energy networks launch COVID-19 public information campaign

09 April 2020

The UK’s gas and electricity networks are reminding the public they might still see utility key workers in their communities during lockdown, as they carry out their vital role in keeping Britain’s energy flowing.


In a radio and social media campaign launched today — entitled ‘Keeping Britain’s energy flowing’ — the public are being reminded if they see electricity or gas workers on their street it’s because they are carrying out essential work.

Ross Easton, Director of External Affairs at Energy Networks Association said:

“Over 36,000 people work in Britain's energy networks. Now more than ever, millions of people are relying on those teams to keep the energy flowing to our homes and vital community services like hospitals, care homes and supermarkets.

”With the introduction of social distancing rules, energy network companies have changed their procedures to protect employees and their customers. This allows colleagues on the ground and in control rooms and contact centres to continue vital work safely, including taking emergency calls and carrying out safety-critical maintenance work.“

The UK’s energy networks continue to operate as they should and work is being prioritised to ensure the risk to colleagues and customers is minimised during the pandemic.

Power cuts, gas leaks and urgent safety issues will continue to be resolved as quickly as possible and the networks are working closely with Ofgem and the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to ensure colleagues and customers remain safe.

To find out how the energy networks are responding, visit

Notes to editor

The radio advertising campaign is being rolled out across a number of UK commercial radio stations on the Global and Bauer networks. The social media campaign is being promoted through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Advert transcripts

Advert 1: “Healthcare heroes”

A message to our healthcare heroes.

We know Britain is relying on you more than ever. You’re leaving your homes to travel to hospitals. You’re missing your loved ones to look after ours. You’re putting your lives on hold to save lives.

You’re doing what you always do, protecting us. While you’re on our frontline, we’re here supporting you. We’re powering our hospitals, keeping the lights on and your families warm at home.

While you’re keeping us safe, we’ll be keeping your energy flowing.

On behalf of the energy industry, thank you NHS.

Keeping Britain’s energy flowing. To find out how the energy networks are responding, visit

Advert 2: “You might see us”

During the fight against the coronavirus, gas and electricity workers will continue their work in and around our communities to keep Britain’s energy flowing.

Our key workers ensure we have one of the most reliable energy networks in the world – and we need it now more than ever.

If you see them on your street, it’s because they are doing essential work.

We have changed our procedures so that you and our colleagues are safe as we do the essential work needed to power our hospitals, keep the lights on and make sure your families are warm at home.

Keeping Britain’s energy flowing. To find out how the energy networks are responding to the challenge, visit

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