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Energy Networks announce further improvements to collaborative approach in 2022

19 October 2021


Today, Energy Networks Association (ENA) has taken the next step in having a more collaborative approach to governance – putting into practice principles of transparency and accountability – with two new launches for its world-leading Open Networks programme: a 2022 high-level scope document and consultation and a new stakeholder feedback group.

As Open Networks moves into its next phase and enters its fifth year, the programme has been exploring ways to work more closely with wider industry to shape key developments on flexibility; with the 2022 high-level scope document and associated consultation being published following stakeholder requests to be engaged earlier in the scope development process. It sets out the programme's current best view of the 2022 scope, key areas of focus and priorities and will enable ENA to launch the final workplan at the start of 2022, instead of later in the year.

An ambitious and essential body of work to progress the transition, with 25 extensive products across six workstreams, it aims to deliver key actions from Government’s Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan, published earlier this year. 2022 will continue to be an important year for flexibility as the programme looks to ramp up efforts to deliver a common framework for flexibility services.

The document is available on ENA’s website and the consultation will be open for four weeks, closing on Tuesday 16 November. A response will be published early next year, alongside the 2022 Programme Initiation Document. There are a number of ways stakeholders can get involved and provide feedback, including joining a public webinar hosted by the work area leads at 14:00 on Tuesday 2 November, with more information on ENA’s website.

The second is a call for participation for the launch of a new stakeholder feedback group to help inform the programme’s work moving forward. Open Networks is setting up a ‘Challenge Group’ this January to shape the direction of the project and its outcomes by providing a more formal challenge function on behalf of the wider industry.

Open Networks is welcoming applications from interested industry stakeholders, aswell as seeking an Independent Chair for the new Challenge Group, which offers a fantastic opportunity to be at the forefront of this world leading programme. Relevant applicants are invited to apply for both by Tuesday 16 November and more details are available for both on ENA’s website.

Farina Farrier, Head of Open Networks at Energy Networks Association, said:

“As the natural home for network collaboration, Open Networks draws on the expertise of networks, Ofgem, Government and wider industry to develop, facilitate and progress the necessary steps to drive towards our ultimate goal of Net Zero. With Government’s recent announcement that all of the UK's electricity is going to come from clean energy sources by 2035, it’s more important than ever that we continue to work closely together.

“The project is open with the way that we work, the outputs we publish and in receiving stakeholder feedback, however, we want to go a step further and invite people in from an earlier stage in the process and from a wider range of areas to challenge us and ensure we’re listening and working collaboratively in our approach.”

Sotiris Georgiopoulos, Open Networks Chair and Head of Smart Grid Development at UK Power Networks, said:

“Now in its fifth year, Open Networks continues to deliver change at a rapid pace, driving key areas for standardisation, open flexibility markets, providing better visibility of data, and working across whole systems to build an efficient energy system that leaves nobody behind.

We welcome all feedback from the industry on our proposed work for 2022 as set out in our preliminary high-level scope document as industry viewpoints are vital in bringing the energy system closer to the people it serves.”

A Dissemination Forum, for engagement on broader topics, will also be introduced in 2022 for anyone to join. Together, the Challenge Group and Dissemination Forum will replace the programme’s current Advisory Group.

Additionally, the team will continue to offer stakeholders the option to join User Forums and work alongside our product teams to undertake development of key proposals.


ON22-PRJ-High Level Scope Document 2022 (19 Oct 21)


ON21-PRJ-Invitation to apply for Challenge Group Chair role (19 Oct 2021)


ON21-PRJ-Open Networks Challenge Group Terms of Reference (19 Oct 2021 FINAL)


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