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Energy network operators prepare for Storm Ciarán

31 October 2023


The Met Office is warning that Storm Ciarán will bring "strong and damaging" winds to the UK over the coming days. Energy network operators are putting a number of measures in place and asking customers to prepare too. 

Energy networks in the UK are resilient and built to withstand strong winds and heavy rain, however extreme weather can still have an impact.  

The Met Office has issued an amber warning for this week that describes how Storm Ciarán could disrupt transport and utilities and may cause some structural damage to buildings. Notably, trees and airborne debris can pose a risk to energy infrastructure.  

Energy network companies have been monitoring the weather system closely and are making preparations, such as arranging for extra emergency teams to be on standby and placing vehicles, equipment and engineering teams in strategic locations to help if any repair work is needed.  

A spokesperson for Energy Networks Association (ENA), which represents the UK’s energy network operators, said:  

“As we prepare for Storm Ciarán’s arrival, our advice to customers is to prepare, care and share. Prepare by going online to for the latest updates and advice. Care by checking in with people who might need extra help and share this information so that friends and family know what to do too.  

"Debris carried by very strong winds can damage power lines. If you see damaged power lines or lines brought down, stay well clear and call 105 for free to report it, or 999 if there’s an immediate danger to life.” 

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Notes to editor

The energy industry has been sharing advice with customers to help them prepare for Storm Ciarán:

Advice for customers  

Stay safe  
If strong wind brings down power lines, do not approach. Keep as far away as possible, warn anyone in the area to stay clear and call 105 to report it. Calling 105 will connect callers to their local network operator. If there’s a risk to life, dial 999. also provides direct links and details of how to contact network operators online and via social media to get information and updates about a power cut.  

You can take some simple steps to prepare for severe weather, such as: 

  • Follow for updates 
  • Charge your mobile phone 
  • Have a torchy handy 
  • Have warm clothes and blankets accessible 
  • Have food available that does not require power to heat 
  • Check in on friends and family to make sure they’re ready 
  • Livestock, fish and pets may be vulnerable if there’s a power cut. Ensure adequate provision is made 

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