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Britain’s energy network companies launch new campaign for Securing A Green Future

07 November 2019

A new campaign will launch today (07/11/19) that sets out the role investment delivered by Britain’s energy grid operators has to play in helping the UK reach its world-leading Net Zero decarbonisation target.


The Securing A Green Future campaign, launched by the Energy Networks Association (ENA), is backed by all of Britain’s energy network companies, the companies responsible for operating the ‘wires and pipes’ that deliver gas and electricity to homes and businesses in every corner of the country.

With Britain now leading global efforts to reduce carbon emissions, investment delivered by network companies in the country’s gas and electricity grids has helped make it a superpower of renewable energy.

In the coming months, the campaign will set out how the country can build on that to reach our Net Zero target as quickly as possible through private investment and how proposals for state ownership will put Britain’s Net Zero target at risk. Britain’s energy network companies will play a leading role by not only connecting greater levels of renewable energy projects, but also by delivering the investment and innovation we all need to find new ways to heat our homes, light our streets and power our transportation in a decarbonised economy.

The Securing A Green Future campaign will argue that the investment Britain needs to reach Net Zero must:

  1. Be delivered in a way that provides access to clean, affordable and reliable energy for all
  2. Develop new smart skills today to create the green collar jobs of tomorrow, in communities, towns and cities across the country
  3. Manage risk efficiently, improve the performance of our infrastructure and drive value for money – whilst being accountable to the public
  4. Focus on using innovation to take an approach that is as much local as it is national, and to ensure that all in our society are able to benefit from a just transition

The campaign aims to help inform the public debate on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, as the country explores new solutions to achieving Net Zero. It is predicted the UK economy will need to spend between 1-2% of its total wealth each year to reach Net Zero by 2050.

David Smith, Chief Executive of ENA, said:

The Securing A Greener Future campaign aims to demonstrate not only how the industry is already delivering new infrastructure and technologies today to reach the Net Zero target as quickly as possible, but also how our world leading system is the best possible way to reach that target tomorrow.

Britain is a superpower of renewable energy - we should build on that to reach Net Zero as quickly as possible.

For further information, please visit the Securing A Greener Future website at:

Notes to editor

About Securing A Green Future

The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the role energy network companies have to play in tackling the climate emergency by providing the infrastructure needed to decarbonise our economy. Find out more at:

Fast facts about the role Britain’s energy networks are playing to decarbonise our economy:

  • A third of Britain’s electricity is now generated from renewable sources that have been connected to energy networks, helping reduce UK carbon emissions to their lowest level since 1888 (BEIS, CCC)
  • Britain’s local electricity grids have connected the equivalent of ten Hinkley Point C power plants in the last ten years – over 30GW in total (BEIS)
  • Nearly 100 green gas production plants are now connected across the country (ABDA) - green gas could be used to heat up to 15m homes by 2050 (Cadent)
  • The UK economy will need to spend between 1-2% of its total wealth each year to reach Net Zero by 2050 (CCC)
  • Great Britain could save up to £40bn by 2050 by creating a more innovative, flexible energy system (Imperial College)
  • Nearly £4,000 has been invested for every household in GB grid infrastructure in the country since privatisation in 1990 - £100bn in total (Ofgem)
  • Another £1,600 is being invested for every household right now, under the current price control (2013-2023) - £45bn in total (Ofgem)
  • Private investment helps bring down bills – electricity network costs have fallen by almost a fifth since privatisation whilst £100bn has been invested (Ofgem)

About Energy Networks Association (ENA)

  • Energy Networks Association represents the companies that are responsible for operating the ‘wires and pipes’ of Britain’s gas and electricity network infrastructure, serving over 30 million customers across the country.

About us

Energy Networks Association (ENA) is the industry body representing the energy networks. Our members include every major electricity network operator in the UK. The electricity networks are at the heart of the energy transition. They directly employ more than 26,000 people in the UK, including 1,500 apprentices. They are spending and investing £33bn in our electricity grids over the coming years, to ensure safe, reliable and secure energy supplies for the millions of homes and businesses reliant on power every day.

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