Regulatory reports & discussion papers

ENA acts as a forum both for reporting back to industry on and for discussion changes to operational matters realted to the running of energy networks, which you can find more information on on this page.

Cross-Sector Development of a Common Scenario

Ofgem and the RIIO2 Challenge Group have requested that the network companies agree a set of common factors and assumptions for developing their core view of the future for the next price control period. In order to achieve this, the networks have come together in a manner not seen in previous price controls. This close collaboration and sharing of knowledge will provide the regulator with the information it needs to understand the background to company forecasts. Through this experience companies have developed a common reference point that will strengthen their business plans, benefitting Ofgem’s decision making process and ultimately, consumers. The report highlights the drivers that networks consider most materially impact RIIO-2 and subsequent price controls, together with supporting evidence. It also provides numerical ranges behind their uptake assumptions, with highlights ranging across the energy system, from anticipated electric vehicle uptake to changes in electricity generation and gas supply. This document has been updated in September 2019 to correct for some inconsistencies that were identified since its publication earlier this year.

Transmission and Distribution Network Coordination

Smart Grid  

Smart Metering and Demand Response  

Electricity Industry Review

The Electricity Industry Review is an annual review of the UK electricity industry containing information, statistics, tables and charts on the development of the industry during the previous year. This is edition 17.

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Cross sector common view
RIIO challenge group update