Electricity networks launch a review of Engineering Recommendation P2

For immediate release - Monday 18 May 2015

Electricity distribution network licensees are launching a fundamental review of an important industry standard to help the UK meet future energy challenges.

Engineering recommendation P2 is an engineering standard which has been in place since 1978 and has played a major role in the development of secure and reliable electricity distribution networks. It focuses on ensuring sufficient capacity is available to meet peak demand within a manner and timeframe consistent with the size of the network.

With a rapidly evolving energy system and the development of smart networks, there is a need to fundamentally review P2 in order to ensure that it is relevant to future challenges.

As P2 is a Distribution Code qualifying standard the governance of the document sits under the GB Distribiution Code Review Panel (DCRP). On behalf of the DCRP, Energy Networks Association (ENA) and electricity distribution network licensees have launched a project to explore the range of possibilities. These include; updating existing P2 arrangements; developing a completely new approach; or removing any deterministic planning standard. The most appropriate solution will be decided upon and ultimately codified.

David Smith, Chief Executive of ENA, said "The electricity distribution network is entering a period of profound change as it adapts to meet the challenges of an affordable, low carbon transition.

It is timely to review a planning standard which is fundamental to the philosophy of the distribution networks operation and design, to ensure that the UK’s energy policy objectives can be met in an efficient and pragmatic way.

I would encourage network users to follow developments and engage with what will be an important piece of work for all stakeholders."

ENA has established a dedicated webpage so that all relevant material can be accessed easily by all interested stakeholders: http://www.dcode.org.uk/dcrp-er-p2-working-group.html


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