Energy Networks Association Launches Search for Brand Identity and Awareness Support for National Three Digit Number

Friday 17 July 2015

Energy Networks Association (ENA) is seeking a creative agency to support delivery of a unique brand and design of an awareness campaign for a vital new three digit telephone number to be launched in England, Wales and Scotland in April 2016.

The ‘105’ number will make it easier for customers across Great Britain to contact their local electricity distribution company if they experience a power cut, have an associated welfare related concern or encounter an electricity network safety issue.

A memorable identity and brand for ‘105’ and a multiple media outlet consumer awareness campaign will be crucial to the success of this nationally significant project.

ENA Chief Executive David Smith said:

"The 105 number can deliver real benefits for electricity customers across Great Britain; but only if it is backed up by a memorable brand and effective consumer awareness campaign so that customers know the number to call if they have a power cut. This will be an essential part of the 105 project and we are looking for an agency that can meet the challenge.

"There are limited three digit numbers available and so this is a rare opportunity for a flexible, dynamic and creative agency to develop an enduring brand identity."

As part of this procurement ENA has published an Expression of Interest with supporting documentation on its website -

Interested parties are requested to demonstrate their suitability and register their interest by completing the "Expression of Interest" form by close of play 07/08/2015.

In the coming months, ENA will be undertaking a separate competitive procurement for the associated Media Planning and Buying service. It is anticipated that this will be undertaken using Achilles which is a procurement database service available to registered agencies.


Notes to Editors:

The Expression of Interest and supporting documentation are available at

Energy Networks Association (ENA) is the voice of the networks, representing the 'wires and pipes' of the electricity and gas transmission and distribution networks in the UK and Ireland.

Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) own and operate the wires and cables which take electricity from the high voltage transmission network into people’s homes and businesses. There are fourteen geographically defined DNO license areas in Great Britain, which are currently owned by six companies; SSE Power Distribution, SP Energy Networks, UK Power Networks, Western Power Distribution, Electricity North West, and Northern Powergrid. There are also a number of Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs) in Great Britain. The 105 service will be available to both DNO and IDNO customers.

Coverage - The 3DN will operate across Great Britain. The 105 service will use customer's location when calling and the location of their home to identify and route the call to the appropriate network operator.

Following discussions with the Northern Irish Assembly and the network operator in Northern Ireland, it has been decided that the 105 service will not be required in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland Electricity operates the network for the whole country, and there is already a very high level of awareness amongst customers of who to call during a power cut. Customers in Northern Ireland therefore already enjoy the benefits which 105 will deliver for customers in the Great Britain.

If customers in NI call 105 there will be a message which provides contact details for Northern Ireland Electricity.

For further information please contact:

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Press and Public Affairs Executive
Energy Networks Association
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