Networks launch tender to look at the net benefits of retaining gas and the use of the gas network within the energy mix

Today (18th August) Energy Networks Association has launched a tender for a consultancy to undertake an important study of the role of the gas network in Britain’s energy future.

The report will look to articulate the significant benefits to consumers and the economy of retaining gas and the gas networks in a whole energy system, alongside analysis of alternative pathways. It will provide a clearer understanding of how the gas networks will support an affordable and secure low carbon transition which considers the impact of consumer choice. The work will also demonstrate how the gas networks will function in synergy with emerging low carbon technologies such as heat networks, heat pumps and green gas. 

Chief Executive of Energy Networks Association David Smith said:

"The benefits to customers and the economy of retaining gas and the gas network are extensive; from £8 billion of savings in reinforcement of the electricity network, to keeping the affordable fuel of choice for heating 85% of homes.

This report will consolidate and build on the work ENA has done in this area which consistently demonstrates the importance of the gas networks to a balanced energy future."

The tender document is available on the ENA website, and all responses must be received by 11th September.


Notes to editors

1.Energy Networks Association (ENA) is the industry body for UK energy transmission and distribution license holders. As the voice of the networks, ENA acts as a strategic focus and channel of communication for the industry, it aims to promote the interests, growth, good standing and competitiveness of the industry, and provide a forum of discussion among company members to facilitate communication and shared experience across the energy networks sector.

2. If you would like any further information, or to submit a response to the invitation to tender for this study please contact Clare Cantle-Jones, [email protected], + 44 (0) 20 7706 5150.