ENA welcomes scrap metal law changes but warns that more changes still needed

For immediate release – Thursday 26 January 2012

Commenting on today’s announcement by Home Secretary Theresa May that the Government will introduce amendments to ban cash transactions for scrap metal and impose unlimited fines for metal thieves, Energy Networks Association Chief Executive David Smith said:

“We welcome this development as a positive step towards ridding society of the menace of metal theft. However, there remain challenges and we urge the Government to introduce additional measures as part of the next Parliamentary session.

“This crime has grown to epidemic proportions because of the outdated legislation governing metal recycling and the only way to tackle the metal laundering that has infected the industry is through comprehensive measures that address the multi-faceted problems faced.”

ENA has been supporting the Metal Theft (Prevention) Bill presented by Graham Jones MP. It set out the plethora of changes needed, however, Government objected to it on Friday (20 January). The proposals include a robust licensing scheme, the requirement for proof of ID for all those selling scrap metal and the identification and recording of the metal itself to create an audit trail.

Lord Faulkner has proposed amendments to the Legal Aid and Sentencing of Offenders Bill, setting out the proposals identified by the Home Secretary today.


Notes to editors

The Home Secretary’s written statement can be found here.

The full text of the Metal Theft (Prevention) Bill can be found here

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