Energy networks sector backs key recommendations in Pitt Review

25 June 2008

Energy networks sector backs key recommendations in Pitt Review

Speaking after the publication of the final Pitt Review report into the lessons learned from the 2007 floods, David Smith, Chief Executive of Energy Networks Association (ENA) said: “ENA fully supports the principles behind Sir Michael’s recommendations concerning the energy sector – many of which are already being undertaken –in his final report today.

"The members of ENA are already adapting and improving the resilience of their sites to flooding and are committed to further developing network resilience strategies. ENA members are also fully committed to enhancing the sharing of appropriate information with the emergency and resilience planning community.

"ENA fully agrees with Sir Michael’s concerns about the quality and availability of flood risk information. One of the key findings of the ENA led Task Group looking at the flooding was the urgent need to develop a consistent, national approach to flood risk information.

"This information is essential to improve on-going risk management processes and flooding resilience of the strategic electricity infrastructure at potential risk. It will also help determine the future development and maintenance of flood protection assets, whether provided by government or industry and prepare for the potential effects of climate change.”

The energy network sector has been investing in flood prevention and resilience since 2000. Following the exceptional events last summer, Energy Networks Association was asked by the Energy Minister to lead a Task Group to review the resilience of electricity substations to flooding. The Task Group fed into the Pitt Review and brought together ENA member companies, Environment Agency, BERR, Ofgem and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, to share information, raise levels of understanding and provide recommendations for future action.