105 power cut number continues strong performance as it marks second anniversary

Date: Thursday 6th September 2018

Release: Immediate

New figures published today show that Britain’s 105 power cut number has continued to perform strongly for the British public as it celebrates its second anniversary.

Numbers released by Energy Networks Association (ENA), which represents the companies responsible operating the ‘wires and pipes’ infrastructure that delivers gas and electricity across the country, show that the 105 number has been used over 3 million times in the last 2 years, providing a quick and easy way for people to contact their local electricity network in a power cut.

Britain’s electricity networks are acknowledged the world over for their high levels of performance, with reliability figures currently standing at 99.99%. On average, people will only experience a power cut once every two years and in 2016/17 the average length of a power interruption fell to just 35 minutes, down 11% on the previous year. Customer satisfaction levels currently stand at 8.8 out of 10 for local electricity networks in Great Britain.

However over the winter period, extreme weather can still lead to power cuts, with engineers battling conditions in some of the remotest regions of the country to restore electricity as quickly as possible.

The number was launched on 6th September 2016 after figures revealed that 72% of people didn’t know who to contact if they had a power cut, with a further 43% indicating that they would incorrectly call their electricity supplier, who they pay their bill to, when in fact they should contact their local electricity network operator.

Other figures released by ENA show that:

  • Up to 65% of calls received by local electricity network operators now come via the 105 number, demonstrating its success in replacing a range of existing numbers used for reporting power cuts.
  • In total 3,040,346 calls have been received through the number since it was launched in 2016. In that time there have been thirteen ‘named’ storms by the Met Office.
  • The highest number of calls received in one day through 105 was 32,303, on 23rd February 2017 during Storm Doris, when gusts of up to 94mph were reported at Capel Curig in Wales.
  • The highest number of calls received in one month by 105 was 205,106, in March 2018 after the ‘Beast from the East’ series of storms which brought widespread and unusually heavy snowfall to large areas of the UK.
  • The number of power cuts reported via the 105 number increased by over 80% compared to Q2 2018 to Q2 2017, from 285,675 to 518,978.

David Smith, Chief Executive of Energy Networks Association, comments:

“The 105 power cut number has undoubtedly been a success story for the British public. It ensures that people have a quick and simple phone number to access if they do have a power cut and it means that those companies responsible for keeping our lights on, our homes warm and our businesses running are able to respond as quickly as possible.

“Network companies are custodians of critical national infrastructure that operates in every corner of the country. The strong performance of the 105 single emergency number over the last two years has been matched by continued improvements in network reliability and customer satisfaction. As we head into the autumn, our network companies are now ready to deal with the British winter and all the challenges that may bring.”

More information about 105 and electricity network operators can be found at www.powercut105.com. The 105 website also provides direct links and details of how to contact network operators online and via social media to get information and updates about a power cut.


Notes to editors

  • ENA is the voice of the networks representing the ‘wires and pipes’ transmission and distribution network operators for gas and electricity in the UK and Ireland.
  • Local electricity network performance figures can be found in the annual RIIO Performance Reports published by Ofgem for Electricity Distribution (ED) price control. These can be found online here.
  • 105 performance numbers are provided from Energy Networks Association’s internal data, which is gathered on a quarterly basis.
  • In the UK, a storm is ‘named’ by the Met Office when it has the potential to cause disruption  or damage which could result in an amber or red warning, based on the National Severe Weather Warning Service. More information can be found online here.
  • More information on the ‘People Behind the Power’ who are responsible for the 105 number and restoring power supplies in the event of a power cut can be found online here.

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