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Smarter Network Portal Launch

Smarter Network Portal Launch

The Smarter Networks Portal was launched this week to an anticipating audience waiting to get a glimpse of the future of the energy networks. People from the electricity and gas industry, policy makers, Parliamentarians, regulators, charitable organisations and academics joined together to experience initial outcomes of the Low Carbon Networks Fund (LCN Fund), one of the most significant and important investments in network innovation in Europe.

The smarter networks portal acts as a repository for innovative projects and is the go-to place for smart grid development. ENA hosted a launch event for all interested people to learn about and connect with the portal.

Engaging speeches were given by Dora Guzeleva, Head of Networks Policy at Ofgem and David MacLeman, Distribution R&D Manager at SSE as well as ENA’s Chief Executive David Smith. But more than congratulations, the speeches covered what an important milestone the smarter networks portal is. As Dora said at the time, the portal is kick-starting a cultural change. Companies are adopting a different attitude to energy innovation. Bringing innovation into the “business as usual” is a challenge that is achieved through disseminating information. This means the sharing of knowledge, experience, and skills between usually competing companies. It means uniting an entire sector under the ethos of research and development. And it means constant communication between stakeholders as the portal continues to evolve alongside the energy sector.

This unique portal has inspired innovation to ensure the future of energy is environmental, sustainable, secure, and cost-effective for all. The smarter networks portal is the tool that will keep innovation at the sector’s core through constant communication with all involved sending a strong message that sharing knowledge, skills and experience is the key to a secure energy future.

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