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By representing both the electricity and gas networks we are withough prejudice to the type of energy. Our members serve one purpose - to keep our lights on, our homes warm and delivering this vital service to the businesses and industries of our economies in the most safe, reliable and affordable way.

Please check back here regularly for updates, tweet about it - you can follow and reference us as @EnergyNetworks - and most importantly, engage in the debate.

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Utilities and Social Media

Globally, social media through its many platforms has taken off. It is the essential part of shaping a brand for a product or corporate identity; it is used for engagement with current and potential consumers and at a time when genuine trust is broadly reserved for people's existing networks and friends; (97% trusting word of mouth over 47% trusting adverts) there is a need to be part of the conversation about you.

Flame 2013: A coherent EU energy policy is necessary for fully integrated market

Day 1 of the Flame 2013 Conference in Amsterdam.

Two Energy Ministers and a Greek philosopher

If you are an observer of energy policy over time things have a habit of repeating themselves. I suppose this is the same for any area of human endeavour but it seems ever more recurrent in our particular patch.

Back to the future as MPs propose energy renationalisation

This week some Labour MPs called for the renationalisation of the energy industry and proposed the creation of a ‘National Energy Corporation’.

ENA celebrates Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013

At last we can truly say the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013. The legislation we have campaigned to achieve for so long received Royal Assent on 28 February.

Lib Dems begin to draw ‘green’ battle lines

A new book was previewed in Westminster this week ahead of their Spring Conference launch in Brighton. “The Green Book: New Directions for Liberals in Government” is a book of the Lib Dems, by the Lib Dems and for the Lib Dems, with messages that also resonated with the attendees. There was a sizeable audience from the worlds of politics, academia, business, NGO’s and pressure groups who all welcomed the book but didn’t give the panel an easy ride.

Ofgem publish Strategy Decision

The Times and Utility Week approached us for comment this week on the publication of Ofgem’s Strategy Decision. A key milestone on the path to next price control period. This will be followed by the submission in July of the electricity distribution network operators submission of their Business Plans.

ENA holds first Supplier Forum

In advance of the Strategy Decision publication and the submission of the Business Plans ENA has hosted its first Suppliers Forum. All the large and a wide range of the small suppliers were at the event.

Mr Buchannan and the UK Energy Watch app

There is a really interesting app that we at ENA have come across the other day at the suggestion of Prof Mike Stephenson of the British Geological Survey. It is called the UK Energy Watch App and it takes data from National Grid every five minutes setting out where our electricity generation is coming from. It can become highly addictive.

Further devolution for Wales as we move closer to possible Scottish independence

Wales' First Minister Carwyn Jones has called for "enhanced and restructured" devolution through a new Government of Wales Act.

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