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Shale - boldly exploring something we've been doing for almost a century

Wednesday's inaugural meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Unconventional Oil and Gas was used by Energy Minister Michael Fallon to send a strong message to the shale industry, and the media responded to help drive this home.

Labour's solutions to the energy industry's trust crisis

With the greatest customer engagement programme about to begin, albeit slightly later, through the rollout of smart meters, trust is going to be a major challenge. Edelman's work, specifically on trust, provides sombre reading for the energy industry.

DECC – will the last person to leave please turn out the lights

News from DECC recently seems to be about exits. The departure of Mr Hayes in circumstances that left some cynical tongues wagging has now been followed by some key departures amongst officials and advisers. Still reeling from the departure of the architect of the EMR Jonathan Brearley and the key figure behind the Energy Bill Ravi Gurumurthy we now hear that the PM’s energy adviser Ben Moxham is off to the Cabinet Office.

Delaying smart meter rollout is a smart decision. We now need smart engagement

The delay in smart metering had been widely discussed in the industry already, so the announcement from DECC wasn’t surprising. It was also widely welcomed.

Progress towards solution for SF6 ban

Discussions on the potential ban on the use of SF6 gas, which we highlighted in our press release two weeks ago, continue and ENA has met with key UK MEPs on the Environment Committee to brief them.

SHE2013 – a focus on trust, leadership and the individual

As an industry with significant risk to be mitigated, keeping the workforce and the public safe is a constant endeavour, one that the electricity industry has made a priority. Coming together last week to address issues and share best practice, health and safety practitioners from across the electricity networks, generators and contractors focused on one of the most difficult parts of managing this complex topic - personal responsibility.

Solar ambitions

The Government's Solar Strategy recently pointed to a target of 20+GW of solar energy by 2020 This is a marked increase on the 2.5GW currently online at the moment and for a number of reasons is an ambitious figure. Take up so far was described by Climate Change Minister Greg Barker as "breathtaking" when he spoke at the Large Scale Solar UK Conference in Truro, Cornwall last week.

Smart EU regulation to end gold-plating

New Energy Minister Michael Fallon delivered a speech to Open Europe, a think tank that seeks political and economic reform in the EU, on the same day as announcing a new plan to challenge the gold-plating of EU legislation in the UK.

Seizing the smart grid opportunity

An industry-wide conference on seizing the opportunities for a smart grid last week (Tuesday 16 April) heard from Government, Ofgem, the EU Commission and the industry itself on smart grid development and the challenges to be overcome for the benefit of UK Plc. The conference was co-hosted by Energy Networks Association, SmartGrid GB, BEAMA, Intellect and Energy UK.

Thatcher’s legacy and the Energy Bill

Looking back to another age for energy policy was evoked last week by the death of Lady Thatcher. In all the discussions about her long premiership, the key theme was change and one of the main examples given was the transfer into private ownership of our gas and electricity industry. How long ago does it seem that we were implored to "tell Sid"? When our infrastructure was state owned and run by "Boards".

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