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Extra help for customers

The Priority Services Register is free to join. It helps energy companies look after customers who have extra communication, access or safety needs. It helps companies tailor their services to support households that might need extra help.

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The Priority Services Register promise is made by all participating energy companies in England, Wales and Scotland.

Am I eligible to join the Priority Services Register?

You’re eligible to be on the register if you:

  • are of pensionable age
  • are disabled or chronically sick
  • have a long-term medical condition
  • have a hearing or visual impairment or additional communication needs
  • are in a vulnerable situation
  • What’s a ‘vulnerable situation’?

    A wide range of circumstances could be deemed as a vulnerable situation. Examples include:

    • people with certain mental health conditions which impact understanding of a bill.
    • people who cannot top up their pre-payment meter due to injury.
    • temporary circumstances, where you might need extra support for a limited amount of time.

    You may also be eligible for priority services from your supplier and/or network operator if you live with a child under five years old.

Benefits of being on the Priority Services Register

If you’re on the Priority Services Register, you will receive benefits like the ones below. Some network operators and suppliers offer additional help and support, make sure you ask about additional help and support tailored to your needs.

Advance notice of planned power cuts

If you rely medically on your energy supply you can arrange for the company that runs the local energy network (the network operator) to give you advance notice of planned power cuts. For example, when they plan to carry out engineering work

Priority support in an emergency

This could involve the local network operator providing alternative heating and cooking facilities in the event of a supply interruption.

Identification scheme

This is to reassure you that callers, for example meter readers, are genuine. Suppliers have to provide additional support to help you identify someone acting on behalf of their company. This could include arranging a password or showing an agreed picture card upon visit.

Password protection

Network operators must offer to agree a password with you (or your representative) that can be used by any representative of the company to enable you to identify them.

(Source: Ofgem)

We help to co-ordinate the consistent promotion and use of the Priority Services Register across the energy networks but each register is run directly by the relevant network company or energy supplier. We don’t process or access any customer information.