Role of the Networks

In ENA’s role of representing the network operators we can help with your questions and queries about how the wires and pipes of the energy industry are made up, the planning for our energy future as a country and provide you with details of how to contact your local network operator to report a fault or a loss of supply.

The energy industry in the UK has different parts: the generators, the network operators and the retailers (also referred to as suppliers). There are currently trade associations who work to represent each sector of the industry.

Ofgem have produced this useful video to explain how networks work and how it contributes to electricity. 

PLEASE NOTE: Your network operator is not the same as your supplier and so ENA cannot provide any assistance with your household bills. We also have no information about who you pay to supply you with electricity or gas. However, your network operator can tell you and details for the numbers to call can be found on the Who is my network operator? page. If you are experiencing a loss in supply you should see the Emergency contact details page.

You can also find out more information by looking at either our Electricity Distribution Map or Gas Distribution Map and visiting their websites.