Regulation Overview

One of the important elements of ENA's mission is to provide a forum for discussion among company members and others of issues which concern or may affect the interests of the UK energy networks industry and to disseminate and transmit informed opinions on these matters to the energy regulator, Ofgem, Government and other institutions.

Issues related to the operation and development of the UK's regulatory framework form a major part of this element of ENA's work and it is the role of ENA's Regulation Unit to establish agreed policy positions on such issues for external communication by working closely with members' regulatory, legal, finance and commercial managers.

This is achieved via the creation of working groups, set up under the auspices of ENA’s Regulation Committee. Currently separate regulation groups have been set up for gas and electricity; other groups may also be established to consider issues that span both the gas and electricity sectors, such as the new arrangements for consumer redress.

The primacy of the Regulation Committee oversees the development of different work-streams under regularly reviewed annual workplans. The Committee comprises members from gas and electricity networks and meets quarterly.

Both Regulation Groups (electricity and gas) meet every four-to-six weeks. Any important regulatory issues which arise are either dealt with directly by the respective regulation group or by the formation of specialist groups, set up to address specific topics, who will then report back. During regulatory reviews, for example, groups are established to co-ordinate the companies’ input into the price review process and to liaise directly with Ofgem.

All groups and committees, as part of their terms of reference, act in a way that complies with the requirements of the Competition Act 1998.