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What is the role for hydrogen in the future support for low carbon heat?

On 1st July 11:30-12:30 Gas Goes Green hosted a webinar about the Government’s proposals for a new Green Gas Support Scheme. The webinar discussed the role hydrogen should play in increasing the proportion of green gas in the grid. The webinar was attended by 160 individuals from across the industry.

The session was chaired by Matt Hindle, Head of Gas, Energy Networks Association. The speakers were:

• Ashley Muldrew, Senior Analyst, Northern Gas Networks

• Gaynor Hartnell, Head of Transport Fuels & Landfill Gas, REA

• Jaymes Mackay, Associate Director for Power and Utilities, KPMG


The webinar asked four main questions:

1. Are the proposals sufficient to kick-start the process of creating a zero carbon gas grid here in the UK?

2. Is the proposed support scheme ambitious enough for biomethane to play its full part in delivering a zero carbon gas grid?

3. Why do we think there’s a role for hydrogen through to net zero and what do we need to do now to make sure we can achieve the benefits it can provide?

4. How could the proposed Green Gas Support Scheme support that role?

The presentation from the webinar along with responses to the polling can be found here. A summary of the questions asked by participants can be found here


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