WS2 - Gas quality and safety

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Existing gas legislation and regulation will need to change to allow for greater proportions of net zero compliant gases.

Changes to gas safety, metering and billing regulations are required to facilitate and enable greater supply and use of low carbon and renewable gases. Metering and billing procedures will also need to change to ensure that end-users pay for the energy they receive, rather than the volume of gas as is the case today, thereby facilitating more flexible but still robust Calculation of Thermal Energy Regulations.

Workstream 2 will support efforts to enable a wider range of gases to be flowed through the gas networks and for these to be billed appropriately. This is a first step that needs to be taken in this area of the pathway to net zero. Gas quality and safety will also consider
gas separation technologies (splitting of blended gas streams into their component parts) and their potential role in the future energy system.

Deliverable 2.1 - Strengthen case for Gas Safety (Management) Regulations amendment

Gas Goes Green will support progress on GS(M)R changes being undertaken by the Institute of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM) to move quality rules from legislation to a new more flexible industry standard. This will include consideration of any Cost Benefit Analysis that has been produced and impact assessments, including decarbonisation benefits associated with a wider Wobbe Index. 

National Grid’s Gas Markets Plan (GMaP) is promoting discussion with industry and stakeholders on how gas market frameworks may need to evolve and adapt over the next decade, to support the energy transition and to continue to deliver value for consumers.
GMaP has proposed further collaborative work for 2020 on gas quality. While this needs to be maintained for safety and reliability reasons it may be possible to relax the standards of our gas system in a carefully controlled way to support new suppliers who offer greener gases.

This work will continue throughout 2020 with recommendations of subsequent work.

Deliverable 2.2 - Grid-scale trials of gas separation

We are undertaking analysis and bringing together relevant stakeholders in order to assess possible opportunities of gas separation.

A workshop will be held in July to update on the research and planned next steps.

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