Engineering Documents

The Energy Networks Association (ENA) represents the interests of our members in the UK and Ireland. ENA is responsible for maintaining and developing the industry documents related to electricity transmission and distribution networks on behalf of our members. The ENA Document Catalogue is an online catalogue of engineering documents produced by ENA and made available to the public domain of which over 400 such publications can be purchased. Documents available from the site include Technical Specifications (TS), Engineering Recommendations (ER & EREC), Engineering Technical Reports (ETR), and Engineering Reports (EREP) which support electricity network operators' process and policies.

Documents produced by ENA are generally developed using input from ENA member experts in the relevant subject matter who decide upon the scope and technical requirements for each document. From time to time ENA will engage the use of specialist external consultants to assist with technical input into these documents. Additionally ENA engage with relevant UK and GB Trade Associations and industry bodies, manufacturers, suppliers, and users of documents to ensure a robust drafting process which ensures ENA documents are fit for purpose. Above all, ENA documents and specifications are drafted to assist ENA members in complying with relevant statutory obligations.

Technical Specifications (TS) are typically based off International (IEC) and British and European (BS EN) standards with additional UK and GB requirements (as directed by the relevant ENA Working Group) integrated into these standards which form part of the overall ENA requirements.

Engineering Recommendations (ER & EREC) and Reports (ETR & EREP) are typically focused on best practice or guidance information and are based on ENA member experience and expertise.

Customers may purchase PDF versions of ENA engineering documents for delivery by email. The Document Catalogue system allows clients that are not full ENA members to purchase documents by credit/debit card via secure transactions provided by WorldPay. Full ENA members may request documents without charge.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

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Distribution Code

A number of ENA documents form part of the Distribution Code of Great Britain which is the industry code governing the requirements for distribution network users to participate in the industry. The inclusion of these documents in the Distribution Code means users are mandated by law to follow the requirements.

Standards and other documents referenced in Annex 1 and Annex 2 of the Distribution Code have now been made available for free electronic download. These documents can be found on the Distribution Code website at the following link - Distribution Code website

Distributed Generation

ENA Distributed Generation connection guidance, application forms and associated documents such as the EREC G98 and EREC G99 documents can be found on our Distributed Generation page.