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Creating tomorrow’s networks

The energy networks provide the infrastructure that will help deliver Net Zero emissions.

Smart meters in home

The UK and Ireland needs to reach Net Zero emissions by 2050 (2045 in Scotland). This means more renewable energy, a shift to zero-emissions vehicles like electric cars, greener gas and the creation of local energy markets. The energy networks are the backbone of this green revolution.

Gas Goes Green

Learn more about Gas Goes Green, our pioneering project delivering the changes needed to move Britain's network of 284,000km of gas pipelines from delivering methane-based natural gas to zero-carbon hydrogen and biomethane.

23 million properties and 85% of Britain’s homes are connected to its gas grid, making it one of the most extensive in the world. Research demonstrates that creating a zero-carbon gas grid in the UK is possible and could save billpayers up to £13bn a year compared to the alternative methods of decarbonising heat and transport.

Gas network companies have been running trials using hydrogen and other green gas in projects around the country, including at Keele University in Staffordshire, which has the world’s Yrst live demonstration of using hydrogen for heating in homes.

Open Networks

Learn more about Open Networks, our world-leading programme which is helping to transform the way our energy networks operate, underpinning the delivery of the smart grid.

The project seeks to enable the uptake of new smart energy technologies by more and more homes, businesses, and communities in the UK. Allowing customers to take advantage of these new technologies to take control of their energy will lower costs and secure the energy we rely on every day.