The voice of the networks

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About us

We're the voice of the networks and represent the energy networks in the UK & Ireland.

Engineers walking towards substation Engineers walking towards substation
National Grid

Our members operate the wires and pipes which keep your energy flowing, carrying electricity and gas into your community and supporting our economy.

The wires and pipes are the arteries of our economy, delivering energy to over 30 million homes and businesses across the UK and Ireland. To do this safely and reliably, the businesses which run the networks employ 45,000 people and have spent and invested over £60 billion in the last eight years.

Creating tomorrow's networks

We are creating tomorrow’s energy networks by transforming the way our infrastructure is used and operates. We’re overhauling the networks and making sure they are prepared for a future where the UK and Ireland has net zero emissions.

We’re creating the world’s first zero-carbon gas grid by speeding up the switch from natural gas to hydrogen for the 85% of UK households connected to the gas grid.

We’re creating the UK and Ireland’s smart grid to ensure we have the energy capacity we need in the future, without the need to build expensive new infrastructure.

We’re creating new opportunities for consumers to benefit from the smart grid by selling power back to the grid and being rewarded for reducing their demand during peak hours.

Supporting the UK and Ireland in the race to net-zero carbon emissions

We’re overhauling systems, processes and policies to make it easier to connect low-carbon electricity generators and green gas producers to the grid and take advantage of new smart technology that is becoming common place in our communities. Technology like solar panels, electric vehicles and battery storage.

Keeping your energy flowing

Together, the energy networks are keeping your energy flowing, supporting our economy through jobs and investment and preparing for a net zero future.