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45,000 people support the safe delivery of energy to over 30 million homes and businesses. Keeping everyone safe is at the heart of everything we do.

We're committed to reducing the number of injuries caused by people coming into contact with the electricity and gas networks.

Health and safety is a core consideration for the energy networks. This means the health and safety of the public we serve and the workforce that maintains and operates the networks. We are guided by a will to learn from the past to ensure our members are equipped for the future.

Our Public Safety Committee, which brings together experts from each of our members, has concentrated on reaching people whose activities, through work or leisure, could bring them close to overhead lines or underground cables.

For the 45,000 people who work in our industry, we’ve launched Powering Improvement, the industry’s plan to be a world leader in safety, in partnership with Energy UK. We also work with trades unions, our members, HSE and other experts to produce safety-related materials and raise awareness and work to resolve common concerns and issues.

We've also produced a series of public safety leaflets and cab stickers through extensive consultation with member organisations and key stakeholders including the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The leaflets contain safety advice to members of the general public and industry workers who may come into close proximity or contact with networks assets. The stickers can be printed and displayed in plant cabs, such as tractors, tippers and HIAB vehicles. The suite of leaflets and stickers can be found in the Resource library.

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