The voice of the networks

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Operating the networks

We help our members run the networks safely and reliably so that when you charge your device or cook your dinner, the energy you need is there without a thought.

Colleagues wearing safety equipment and working with plant
Northern Ireland Electricity Networks

We provide technical support and expertise to the network operators, helping our members deliver safe and reliable energy supplies to your home and place of work.

We can help you find your energy supplier by providing contact details for your local network operator.

We develop and manage guidance and standards essential in ensuring network operators and connecting customers are compliant with the technical and legal requirements of operating and connecting to the networks. We provide support to our members and help to promote the introduction of new initiatives which support safety and reliability through joint working.

We manage and lead a significant number of working and technical groups. These groups review and develop a coherent and consistent industry approach to standards, emergency planning, network resilience, connecting generation and any number of other issues and processes involved in operating the energy networks.