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Delivering Net Zero: Winners of this year's Network Innovation Competition revealed by Ofgem

30 November 2020


Ofgem has awarded £58m to five pioneering projects, driving innovation in Britain's energy networks and taking us forward to Net Zero emissions.

David Smith, Chief Executive at Energy Networks Association which represents the UK and Ireland’s energy networks businesses said:

“This is innovation that will help deliver the public the low cost, Net Zero emissions energy system they need and I would like to congratulate all those projects which have been taken forward. It will help to keep Britain at the front of the pack of the international race for hydrogen, while creating even smarter and more efficient electricity networks.

"They will play a vital role as part of government’s ambitions for climate action and a green economic recovery, supporting jobs, growth and decarbonisation across the whole country. These ambitions will need to be continued through the new Strategic Innovation Fund in RIIO-2 and we look forward to seeing more detail from Ofgem on how this will work in practice.”

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Notes to editor

Ofgem's decision document has full details about the projects and all Network Innovation Competition funding decisions.

Five winning projects: 

  1. SGN: H100 Fife will be a first of its kind 100% green hydrogen generation, storage and distribution network to heat 300 homes in Levenmouth. 
  2. National Grid Gas Transmission: FutureGrid will test how to safely introduce hydrogen into NGGT's gas transmission network.
  3. UK Power Networks: Constellation will develop new platforms to digitally upgrade electricity substations to better manage variable low carbon power generation and surges in demand, even when communication links to central systems are lost.
  4. Electricity North West: QUEST project will unlock capacity and reduce the need for network reinforcement by integrating standalone voltage control schemes into a single system to create a “self-balancing” network.
  5. National Grid Electricity Transmission: RICA will reduce the need to construct new overhead power lines by upgrading electricity transmission towers to carry 45% more power on existing routes and avoid the emission of 39,000 tonnes of CO2.

About Energy Networks Association

Energy Networks Association (ENA) is the industry body representing the electricity wires, gas pipes and energy system in the UK and Ireland.

ENA helps its members meet the challenge of delivering electricity and gas to communities across the UK and Ireland safely, sustainably and reliably.

Its members include every major electricity and gas network operator in the UK and Ireland, independent operators, National Grid ESO which operates the electricity system in Great Britain and National Gas which operates the gas system in Great Britain. Its affiliate membership also includes companies with an interest in energy, including Heathrow Airport and Network Rail.

What are energy network operators?

Energy network operators manage and maintain the wires, pipes and other infrastructure which delivers electricity and gas to your home, business and community. They are private companies which are regulated by Ofgem and employ around 40,000 people in Great Britain.

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