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What you need to know about Britain’s Hydrogen Network Plan

21 January 2021

As part of our Gas Goes Green programme, we’ve published Britain’s Hydrogen Network Plan. Our Head of Gas, Matt Hindle, sets out the top three things about the Plan.


Britain’s Hydrogen Network Plan sets out the work that all five of Britain’s gas grid companies will deliver in the years ahead to replace natural gas with hydrogen and biomethane, to help cut our carbon emissions. It's a major blueprint that will guide the transition of some £24bn of Britain's energy infrastructure from natural gas to hydrogen.

Here’s the top three things that you need to know about it:

1. It’s all about the people who rely upon us

From ensuring that hydrogen will be delivered to people’s homes in a safe and secure way, to doing the work necessary so we all have as much choice as possible around technologies we use to reduce our carbon emissions, this Plan is all about how our world-leading, critical national infrastructure serves you. That’s regardless of who you are, where you live and what company you work for, whether you’re sitting warm in a hydrogen heated home or because you’re a leading energy innovator creating new green jobs and investment.

2. It will turn the Britain’s hydrogen ambitions into a reality

Even the most ardent of hydrogen advocates was impressed with the scale of the Prime Minister’s ambition when he unveiled his Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution back in November. Yet the good news is, Britain’s innovative gas network companies are ready to turn the government’s plans into a reality, building on the experience we’ve built up so far. Our Plan sets out how we’ll do that.

3. It will create a platform for a world-leading hydrogen economy

With 85% of homes connected to it, we have a world-leading gas network here in Great Britain. The good news is, we’ve already installed enough hydrogen-ready pipes to go around the world one and a half times, delivering investment and jobs in communities across the country. But from making sure we connect hydrogen production sites as quickly as possible to introducing new Gas Safe training, this Plan will underpin the whole range of economic benefits a hydrogen economy can deliver.


Exec. Summary of Britain's Hydrogen Network Plan


Britain's Hydrogen Network Plan


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