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Green recovery: Turbocharging the road to zero

31 May 2021


A significant proportion of the electricity network operators' £300m will be invested on boosting the number of electric vehicles chargepoints available to motorists across the country.

Western Power Distribution: Gloucester Services

At the Gloucester services on the M4, Western Power Distribution are to build a 11kV network extension via two new cables from Tuffley 33/11kV substation towards Gloucester Services.

In short, this allows for an increase of 8MW in demand and 6W in generation. Representing a £1.6m investment this facilitates connection of charging points for electric vehicles along this major, arterial road, as well as other growth in this area on the outskirts of Gloucester.

Crucially, the cables will be laid rated at 33kV for efficiencies in future as growth increases – effectively futureproofing the project for the further growth anticipated in the area.

UK Power Networks: East of England

Across the East of England UK Power Networks is delivering the infrastructure for electric vehicle charging hubs at more than forty locations. With sites across Essex, Norfolk, Sussex and Hertfordshire, they will go a long way to bringing access to electric vehicles to a wider group of people.

Representing £38million in total investment, this new network capacity is the equivalent of approximately 2,700 rapid chargers, directly enabling the current and forecast increase in electric vehicles.

Northern Powergrid: Northumberland

Northern Powergrid is delivering schemes in Northumberland that will unlock capacity for EV charging on the A1 trunk road that connects England and Scotland.

SSEN: Wheatley

An Oxfordshire village, and critical local infrastructure, is set to benefit from a £3.9m investment to support the transition to net zero.

Low carbon technologies (LCTs), including electric vehicles (EVs) and heat pumps, are forecast to rapidly increase within Wheatley and across the UK. As part of the Green Recovery programme SSEN will reinforce 10km of overhead line and 1km of underground cable serving the village and motorway service area.

The 24-month project will unlock 14MW of additional capacity, enabling residents of Wheatley and the surrounding area to make the switch to LCTs and create the potential for additional EV charging at Oxford Motorway Service Area.

Range anxiety is one of the key barriers to individuals switching to EVs. With the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles being banned from 2030, SSEN is playing a leading role in delivering the infrastructure required to support and accelerate the EV transition as part of the green recovery.

The Oxford Motorway Service Area is in an important location for the UK’s road network. Having a network of strategically placed EV charging facilities will be key to ensuring infrastructure is ready for EV growth, helping facilitate longer journeys for EVs and growing confidence in the sector. This investment will support delivery of local and national LCT ambitions, accelerating the UK and Wheatley towards a green recovery.

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