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The most detailed vision yet launched for how hydrogen could enhance the UK’s energy system

19 April 2023


Today Britain’s gas industry leaders, alongside Mutual Energy from Northern Ireland, came together to commit to a vision for how hydrogen can play its full role in supporting the decarbonisation of the UK’s energy system.

A new report, ‘A hydrogen vision for the UK’, features fully updated and detailed maps of what the rollout of the UK’s hydrogen infrastructure could look like in the years ahead. The maps describe how hydrogen infrastructure could expand over the next thirty years from initial clusters centred on particular industries and pilot sites, to an integrated network serving industry, homes, businesses, power generation and some transport applications by 2050.

The report explains how hydrogen could play its part in decarbonisation, alongside electrification, and keep UK businesses competitive. It also features five pledges from the UK’s gas network operators to make this vision a reality.

As the UK makes its net zero transition, hydrogen could provide between 20-35% of our energy demand by 2050, supporting the delivery of our climate and security goals. The report asks the government to show the same commitment to hydrogen network infrastructure development as it has shown to hydrogen production, expedite the development of critical business models for transport and storage, make key policy decisions around blending and hydrogen-ready boilers, and ensure that the planned Future System Operator is given the right tools and mandate to deliver its part in the hydrogen vision.

James Earl, Director of Gas, Energy Networks Association, said:

“If we are to hit the government’s decarbonisation targets, secure energy investment in an increasingly competitive global market and protect long-term energy security for customers then the government needs to make rapid progress across both renewables and hydrogen deployment.

“Gas network operators are ready to invest, innovate and deliver this vision for hydrogen’s role in the UK energy system, but we need certainty from government to let them plan with confidence. Our gas network members pledge to work collaboratively with government, the regulator, businesses and the communities they serve to explore and deliver the significant benefits that hydrogen can have to the energy system, industry, consumers and the UK economy.”

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ENA H2Vision MAPS 2050 PIPES




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ENA H2Vision MAPS 2030 PIPES


Notes to editor

  • Our five pledges
  1. Play a lead role in delivering against the UK’s hydrogen ambitions
  2. Conduct further research and testing, in an open and transparent manner
  3. Engage with consumers across our networks on delivering net zero
  4. Work collaboratively with all stakeholders across the sector using a ‘whole system’ approach
  5. Invest in both developing a skilled workforce for the future and a UK supply chain
  • The pledges have been signed by the Chief Executives of Cadent Gas, Mutual Energy, National Gas, SGN, Northern Gas Networks and Wales and West Utilities
  • Download the report 'A Hydrogen Vision for the UK'
  • We have developed a series of maps, attached, depicting a plausible vision for the rollout of hydrogen and the infrastructure to support it. In 5-year increments, the maps show what a gradual shift to a hydrogen-based network could look like. They show where pipes are being repurposed to keep transition costs down for consumers, supported by strategic new build infrastructure

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