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Introducing 'Our Expertise, Your Security' - our hydrogen safety commitment

19 May 2021


We've published our Gas Goes Green hydrogen safety commitment today. Signed by all 5 of Britain's gas network companies, it sets out how our innovation projects will ensure that we deliver hydrogen to Britain's homes safely and securely.

Britain’s gas grid is one of the safest and most reliable in the world, safely and securely delivering the energy that 24.5 million homes and businesses across the country rely upon.

Using hydrogen in our homes as a replacement for the natural gas we currently use creates the opportunity to reduce our carbon emissions in a way that means we can use our heating, hot water & cooking exactly as we are used to.

But whatever exciting future it may hold, our number one priorty remains the safety of our homes, our businesses and our communities. That's why we've published a new document today that sets out the principles we're following, as we test the use of hydrogen in Britain's gas grid. 

'Our Expertise, Your Security' sets out how through this work, all five of Britain's gas networks will:

1. Always maintain a safety-first approach

Our gas networks will adhere to the same high standards of safety as today, wherever they are, and whatever gas they are carrying.

2. Create new opportunities

We will use new technology to make Britain’s gas networks even safer than they are today, as we transition towards hydrogen.

3. Act transparently

We will share the outcomes of safety- related gas network innovation projects in a transparent way, and support the wider development of best practice for the safe use of hydrogen.

4. Support consumer choice

We will safety test the widest possible range of hydrogen-ready technologies, so people can choose the appliances best suited to their needs.

Our Expertise, Your Security sets out the detail of how our members are putting these principles in to practice - from the wet and windy wilds of the world-leading test site at Spadeadam to the lecture theatres of Keele University, we're working with some of the country's leading minds to fufil our commitments, and demonstrating how when it comes to hydrogen, tomorrow's heat really is today's opportunity.



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Notes to editor

Gas Goes Green's 'Tomorrow's Heat, Today's Opportunity' campaign sets out how Britain's five gas network companies are working to deliver a hydrogen future in the UK, and what that will mean for hydrogen in our homes.

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