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Introducing the Open Networks project’s revised and refreshed Advisory Group

07 July 2021


ENA's Head of Open Networks, Farina Farrier, gives an overview of updates made to the project's Advisory Group representation.

Now in its fifth year, ENA’s Open Networks project is playing a pivotal role in helping to support the move towards a Net Zero future by laying the foundations of a smart, flexible energy system in Great Britain that leaves nobody behind. 

We strongly believe in taking an open and transparent approach in the way that we work. This is reflected in the outputs that we publish and the way that we work with the industry and stakeholders – from consultation responses to public webinars – to ensure we’re listening and working collaboratively. As Head of Open Networks, and having been a part of the project since its inception, this has always been, and will continue to be, a priority for us.

Farina Farrier, ENA

As part of this approach, to help guide our work we have a representative Advisory Group with experts from across the industry. The Advisory Group is essential to ENA’s Open Networks project to support in the development of products, to ensure that stakeholders are aware of the work being done in each of our areas of focus, and report back the progress of the project to the wider industry.

The project has recently been making updates to the group’s membership in order to reflect the growth and changes that the industry has seen since this group initially formed to ensure we have the right representation and engagement needed to continue delivering at pace towards the ultimate goal of Net Zero.




These changes include ensuring increased representation from areas including:

  • Low Carbon Technologies (LCT)
  • Data and Digitalisation
  • Offshore wind
  • Nuclear
  • Renewables
  • Local authorities
  • Flexibility providers

As always, any material for the Advisory Group meetings, such as agendas and slide decks, are publicly published in advance of the meetings to give members the opportunity to share and bring views from their part of the industry. A meeting overview is also published afterwards for any members who wishes to review key notes and actions.

We've published our updated list of members of the Advisory Group on ENA’ s website. If you would like to raise anything at one of our meetings or provide feedback on the agenda items we're discussing, do get in touch with your representative or email us at the Open Networks project team.

Press contacts for journalists

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