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Energy network companies launch this year’s ‘Be Winter Ready’ campaign

08 November 2022


Energy Networks Association (ENA) has launched its annual campaign today to help all customers prepare for winter.  

The campaign’s key messages are:

Prepare - Make a plan: know what to do if you have a power cut or smell gas

  • Power cut? Go online to report it or call 105, the free power cut emergency number
  • Smell gas? Call 0800 111 999 immediately
  • Keep a mobile phone and power bank, if you have one, fully charged so you can use it to go online or call for updates
  • Go to to find out how to make your plan

Care - Check in with people who might need extra help

  • Check on neighbours, family, and friends to make sure they have a plan if they have a power cut or smell gas
  • Check now to see if you or someone you know can get extra help during bad weather through the Priority Services Register
  • The Priority Services Register is a free service to help people who have additional needs. You can sign up by contacting your energy supplier and network operator on freephone 105. Remember to keep your supplier or network operator updated if your circumstances change

Share - Share this information so friends and family can make a plan too

  • Share this information and the website with others

The campaign will use social media and PR to encourage customers to prepare for winter. As with last year’s campaign, ENA is encouraging vulnerable customers to sign-up to the Priority Services Register (PSR). ENA want to make sure that everyone who is eligible receives the benefits that the PSR offers. A range of customers are eligible for the register, including pensioners, people who are disabled, and people who have a long-term medical condition, including mental health issues. In the event of prolonged outages, the PSR ensures these vulnerable consumers are targeted for extra help.

Press contacts for journalists

Philip Baker

Media Relations Manager

ENA Press Office



Be Winter Ready


Notes to editor

Social media content from the campaign can be found using the #PrepareCareShare hashtag.

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