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ENA programme facilitating the world’s first zero carbon gas grid to expand stakeholder engagement

02 November 2022


Energy Network Association’s (ENA) flagship Gas Goes Green Programme is increasing its opportunities for collaboration and engagement with stakeholders across the energy industry. The changes mean the programme will provide more consistent updates to a wide range of stakeholders and benefit from insights from nationally recognised energy experts.

Two new groups will be launched in early 2023, with a kick-off meeting being held in December to set the scene for next year. An Insights Forum, open to all industry stakeholders, will allow members the opportunity to engage broadly with the programme and stay up to date with the latest developments. ENA welcomes interested parties to sign up to the forum via ENA’s online form and to attend the initial kick-off meeting on Thursday 8 December at 10am.

In addition to the Insights Forum, a Review Group will help shape the direction of the programme and its outcomes by providing a challenge function on behalf of the wider industry. ENA’s Gas Goes Green Review Group consists of a small group of key industry representatives and experts, and the full list of members will be published in advance of the kick-off meeting.

James Earl, Director of Gas at Energy Networks Association, stated:  

“These changes come at an important time for the programme, and for the sector as a whole, as our members redouble their efforts to decarbonise the UK’s gas networks. We want to ensure the Gas Goes Green programme continues to significantly contribute to the energy transition for ENA members and our stakeholders and I’m proud we are able to provide a space where the sector can collaborate on achieving our Net Zero goals.

“We’re keen to engage with as broad a range of stakeholders as possible. We hope our new groups will help expand our outreach further than ever before and encourage people to collaborate with the next steps of the programme. To this end, we actively encourage anyone with an interest in Gas Goes Green to join us in our first Insights Forum meeting on 8 December.”

The two groups will replace the existing Advisory Group following an assessment of the evolving programme’s requirements.  

Press contacts for journalists

Philip Baker

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Notes to editor

  • ENA’s Gas Green Programme has run since 2020. Since then, hydrogen and green gases have become an even greater part of the energy transition narrative – with ENA’s Gas Green Programme programmes and government led hydrogen work evolving significantly. It was created in recognition that an integrated, whole systems approach to decarbonising our energy system is needed, with the specific aim of delivering the world’s first Net Zero gas network. This is a vital initiative as replacing the carbon-emitting natural gas that 85% of our homes rely on for heating, hot water and cooking would be a big step towards meeting our national decarbonisation goals.
  • The Terms of Reference for the Insights Forum and Review Group are available on ENA’s website.
  • The Insights Forum and Review Group will both be convened every six months and will cover all relevant areas of work across the programme.

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