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ENA Open Networks project manager named a Global Future Energy Leader

03 April 2023


The World Energy Council has named ENA’s Helen Jarva as one of its global future energy leaders, reflecting her work as project manager on ENA’s flagship Open Networks programme.

Helen’s work on ENA’s Open Networks programme meant she helped to build one of the largest energy flexibility markets in Europe, coordinating the work of the UK’s energy network operators. 

Judges were impressed by her work to align analysis from over 200 experts and direct their efforts towards accelerating the UK’s progress towards Net Zero whilst making the transition more affordable to consumers. As an Estonian, working in London, who has previously lived and worked in Kenya, Helen credits her international outlook as a key tool for spotting ways the programme can innovate and build consensus. 

Helen responded to her appointment, saying: 

“I’m overjoyed at being chosen – this is my chance to apply my knowledge of energy systems, psychology, policy and economics, to help propel the World Energy Council forward. I’m excited to meet and work closely with like-minded young professionals, creating an invaluable international network.” 

Lawrence Slade, Chief Executive of Energy Networks Association, said:  

“Helen is a rising star in our industry and no one can doubt her passion or ability. The World Energy Council is lucky to have someone who can so effectively bring people together and inspire them to contribute to major strategic innovations, just as she has been on ENA’s Open Networks programme.” 

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Background information

  • Serving as the Council’s platform to support and promote the energy leaders of tomorrow, the FEL Programme is comprised of exceptional young professionals from across the globe united by their commitment to shaping the future of energy. 
  • Helen joined 50 new members of the Global Future Energy Leaders Programme  
  • Formed in 1923, The World Energy Council works towards solving the world’s most pressing challenges in energy and sustainability, and engaging in national, regional and global dialogues to fulfil their Humanising Energy vision. This year’s Future Energy Leaders were selected from nearly 200 applications from 60 different countries. 

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