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ENA launches its "Powering Forward" 2024 election manifesto

04 June 2024

With a month to go until polls open, ENA has launched its 2024 general election manifesto. The manifesto lays out what a new government needs to proritise to help ensure Britain’s energy keeps flowing whilst the energy grid transforms to support the UK in meeting its 2050 decarbonisation goals.


The manifesto, published at, outlines four key priorities:

1. Upgrade the planning system

On average, construction of new transmission infrastructure takes 10 years, with the first seven years bogged down in planning. It's time to introduce robust strategic spatial planning of energy infrastructure while streamlining and expediting the planning system to accelerate development of new projects and upgrades to existing infrastructure.

2. Reform the connections process to accelerate clean energy projects

Over the last five years, almost 10GW of clean generation and interconnection have been connected to the transmission network in England and Wales alone. However, as the result of an outdated process, the connections pipeline now sits at more than 12x what is needed to hit our net zero targets. We have seen significant progress through government and industry initiatives, but further action is needed to ensure the quick connection of viable clean energy projects.

3. Create a stable policy and regulatory environment to unlock investment and supply chain capacity for the long term

Our networks have driven more than £150bn in investment since the early 1990s. Now, our members are set to invest £33bn more into the system—£22bn into electricity distribution (2023-2028) and nearly £11bn into transmission (2021-2026). For sustained investment and to give a clear signal to the supply chain, we need a clear, consistent and enduring policy and regulation environment.

4. Support evolution of regulation

We back the current model for network regulation, RIIO — it’s been great for customers. But evolving the framework is crucial to meet future goals like net zero, decarbonisation and economic growth. The next government should ensure our regulatory regime can continue to deliver a grid fit for 2050 by ensuring our networks are financeable and maintain the gold standard of investability.

Further details and the specific policy asks under each priority can be found at 

Lawrence Slade, Chief Executive, Energy Networks Association, said:

“Our networks are the enabler of the UK's energy transition. With a month to go until the polls open, our manifesto sets out what we'll need from the next government to accelerate progress. There’s widespread recognition and appetite to upgrade the planning system, further reform grid connections and enable decarbonisation. Getting this right means unlocking investment, jobs and supply chain opportunities for the years ahead."

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Energy Networks Association (ENA) is the industry body representing the energy networks. Our members include every major electricity network operator in the UK. The electricity networks are at the heart of the energy transition. They directly employ more than 26,000 people in the UK, including 1,500 apprentices. They are spending and investing £33bn in our electricity grids over the coming years, to ensure safe, reliable and secure energy supplies for the millions of homes and businesses reliant on power every day.

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