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We produce a variety of publications covering the issues affecting the networks, network strategy documents, factsheets and responses to Government consultations.

Our key publications can be found below but the menu on the left of the page will help you find a range of other documents published by ENA. If you can't find what you're looking for please email [email protected].  

Briefings, infographics & factsheets

Our energy networks have a world leading reputation and a strong track record of safely and securely providing the the gas and electricity we all need, whilst delivering investment and reducing costs for the consumer. This page sets out some key facts and figures about how they do that.

ENA's manifesto for a net zero energy system (2019)

Climate Change is the defining issue of our time. In the 2019 general election, our political leaders must commit to doing more. Energy Networks Association is therefore calling on political leaders to commit to three key policy priorities outlined in their election manifesto. Read ENA's manifesto.

ENA's Guide to the networks (2015)           

Our energy networks play a vital role in all of our lives. ENA's Guide to the Networks gives an introduction to our energy infrastrucutre and sets out key infomraiton issues and challenges facing our industry. Published in 2015.            

Guide to the UK and Ireland Energy Networks 2015      

Infographics (2017)

ENA has developed a series of infographics that show how since the UK’s energy networks market was created in 1990, the companies have improved levels of network performance and attracted new investment that has created jobs in communities across the country, whilst driving down costs for the energy bill payer. 


Secure, affordable, low carbon: Gas in our future energy system (2018)

Our gas network is one of the best developed in the world, providing safe, secure, affordable energy to homes and businesses across the UK. To meet the biggest energy challenge of our generation – making deep cuts to carbon emissions by 2050 – it needs to embrace new technology which builds on these strengths and delivers the integrated, flexible network of the future. This briefing sets out how it is already doing that. 

Natonal Energy Action Warm & Safe Homes Guide (2018)

Working with Energy Networks Association, National Energy Action (NEA) has produced a practical and easy to use guide to identify the best solutions for householders who are worried about keeping their homes warm ans safe by paying their energy bills. This guide aims to give readers the tools they need to identify help quickly and easily from the government, energy suppliers and energy network companies.

One page factsheets, polling and other research

  • How Great Britain’s gas and electricity networks work (2018). Energy network companies in Great Britain are natural monopolies that are accountable to the public through the energy regulator, Ofgem, Government and Parliament. To find out more information on how this system works, what the cost of energy network charges are see our "How Great Britain’s gas and electricity networks work" factsheet here.
  • Explaining network profits (2018). To understand more about the way that energy network companies make profits, see our "Explaining network profits" factsheet here.
  • Preparing for the electric vehicle revolution (2018): Electric vehicles (EVs) are a key component of the transition to a smarter, cleaner energy system. This short briefing sets out how energy networks are preparing to deliver electric vehicles and the opportunities they create for running a smarter, cleaner and more flexible energy system. Published in September 2018, you can find our briefing note here.
  • Public attitudes on the decarbonisation of heat (2018): In May 2018, ENA commissioned YouGov to undertake polling research on customer attitudes to the decarbonisation of home heating. You can find an infographic of the results here and the full set of polling tables here and here.
  • Cost of Equity and Ofgem's RIIO-2 price control proposals (2018): ENA does not believe that current (March 2018) Ofgem proposals for the forthcoming RIIO-2 price control adequately capture the cost of the returns that energy networks will have to provide to investors, given the current risks in the sector. We have a produced a detailed briefing note on independent research commissioned by ENA on this issue, which you can find online here
  • Beast From The East factsheet (2019): On 1 March 2018, during the Beast from the East, temperatures plummeted nationwide compared with the preceding week. The gas pipes that stretch right across the country – from John O’Groats to Land’s End – rose to the challenge, keeping homes warm, lights on and Britian’s businesses running. Despite this exceptional level of demand, the reliability of the gas network remained at 99.9%. The map below shows how this increased gas demand varied across regions comparing 22 February with 1 March 2018. Find out more from our inforgraphic here

Reports & strategy documents

Frontier Economics research into the Labour Party's Bringing Energy Home proposals (2019)

In September 2019, Frontier Economics conducted an indepedent analysis of the Labour Party's 'Bringing Energy Home' proposals for state ownership of energy networks. You can find this research here

The cost of geographic fragmentation of energy networks (2019)

In response to the Labour Party's proposals for the state ownership of energy networks, and building on existing research undertaken on the policies set out in Bringing Energy Home, ENA commissioned Frontier Economics to undertake an additional analysis of the regional cost impact of those proposals. Find out more here

Electricity & gas Network Innovation Strategies (2018)

Published in April 2018, our electricity and gas Network Innovation Strategies set out new areas of focus where network companies can provide continuing benefits to customers from innovation projects, as well as how they share the lessons learnt from those projects with other organisations to roll out the benefits more widely and better shape future innovation. 


Open Networks Project 2017 report: Opening markets for network flexibility (2017)

Published in December 2017, the first Open Networks end of year report sets out what ENA’s Open Networks project has delivered and will achieve. It then sets out a key principle of our work, to take a whole system approach to development, as well as referencing the key policy driver of the Ofgem and BEIS Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan and our focus on stakeholder engagement. This is followed by our work to date focused on the customer experience.

2017 Achievements & Future Direction

The gas networks role in a 2050 Whole Energy System (2016)

 In 2016, ENA’s Gas Futures Group commissioned KPMG to carry out a study to consider the decarbonisation challenge which is driving a change in how we heat homes and businesses in a low carbon future. The report concludes that making use of the UK’s gas network infrastructure offers a practical and affordable solution to the future challenge of heat decarbonisation.

2050 Pathways to domestic heat (2012)

In 2012, ENA commissioned Delta-ee to produce a desktop study on the optimal appliance technology pathways, by property type, based on known and emerging heating technology, required to meet carbon and renewables targets. Through this report Delta ee Delta-ee has developed a residential heat model that explores the above aims through various different models and scenarios to do so.

Responses to Government consultations & Parliamentary inquiries

ENA regularly contributes to Government consultations and Parliamentary Select Committee inquiries on key areas of Departmental policy. You can find our responses below. For ENA responses to consultations on more operational, technical & regulatory matters please see the ENA Consultations section of our website.


ENA response to the Helm Review on the Cost of Energy 

ENA response to BEIS Call for Evidence: Building a Market for Energy Efficiency


ENA response to the BEIS Clean Growth Strategy

ENA response to BEIS Ofgem Call for Evidence on a A Smart, Flexible Energy System  

ENA response to National Infrastructure Assessment Call for Evidence 

ENA response to the BEIS Industrial Strategy


ENA response to House of Commons Pre-Legislative Scrutiny of Draft Legislation on Energy

ENA response to House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Select Committee: 2020 Renewable Heat and Transport Targets Inquiry