Energy Networks Association appoints Kindred for integrated brief

For immediate release - 4 December 2016

Energy Networks Association (ENA) – the body that represents the UK’s gas and electricity network operators - has appointed Kindred to promote a new number to report power cuts, following a competitive pitch.

Kindred’s brief includes the creation of a new brand, advertising and PR to promote the number and ensure that members of the public know that they can call 105 to contact their local electricity network operator if they experience a power cut or if they encounter a safety issue with electricity power lines or substations.

The three digit number, 105, will go live in spring 2016 and will be followed by a substantive national awareness campaign.

It is electricity network operators who manage and maintain the power lines and substations that bring electricity to local homes and businesses.  However, research undertaken by ENA found that only 5% of people currently know the correct number to call during a power cut, with many customers wrongly contacting their energy supplier who people pay their bills to.  The introduction of 105 is designed to provide an easy and memorable means of contacting the correct organisation.

Plans for 105 have been developed as part of ongoing improvements to customer service and making the process easier for customers to contact their electricity network operator.

Commenting on the appointment of Kindred, David Smith, Chief Executive of ENA, said:

“Network operators are committed to making it easier for customers to contact them and this is especially important when there are problems with loss of power, associated welfare issues and safety. Not knowing who to contact can be confusing and the new 105 brand and campaign aims to tackle this, giving people an easy-to-recall number that will put them through to someone who can help.

“We chose to work with Kindred on this project as the team demonstrated a real understanding of our challenge and we were impressed with their track record in working on national campaigns that incorporate a range of communications channels.”

Kindred’s Chief Executive, Nick Mustoe, said:

“We’re delighted to be working with ENA and the electricity networks. It’s an interesting brief and we love working on campaigns that enable us to use the range of expertise we offer at Kindred, from creative to PR.”



For further information, please contact:

Matthew Pringle at ENA

[email protected]

0207 7065118


Sharon Bange at Kindred

[email protected]

020 7010 0868

Notes to editors

  1. ENA is the voice of the networks representing the ‘wires and pipes’ transmission and distribution network operators for gas and electricity in the UK and Ireland.
  2. About Kindred: Kindred ( is an independent communications agency working across PR, social media, advertising, digital and design. It takes an audience-centred approach to campaigns, creating strategies and ideas that connect clients with the people that matter to them.
  3. Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) own and operate the wires and cables which take electricity from the high voltage transmission network into people’s homes and businesses. There are fourteen geographically defined DNO license areas in Great Britain, which are currently owned by six companies; SSE Power Distribution, SP Energy Networks, UK Power Networks, Western Power Distribution, Electricity North West, and Northern Powergrid. There are also a number of Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs) in Great Britain. The 105 service will be available to both DNO and IDNO customers.
  4. Customers can currently search for the network operator responsible for their area by entering their postcode on the ENA website.
  5. Coverage - The 3DN will operate across Great Britain. The 105 service will use customer's location when calling to identify and route the call to the network operator in the area they are in. Customers will also be able to be put through to a different network operator, for example when calling about an issue related to their home when they are at work in a different network operator's region.
  6. Purpose - 105 will be a memorable number for customers to call to speak to their network operator. There are three primary purposes for using the 105 service, these are:
  • to report a power cut or to get information and updates about an outage
  • to report a safety hazard such as fallen power lines, substation damage or vandalism
  • to discuss a welfare related concern arising from a loss of supply
  1. This number should not be used for other utilities such as gas and water; nor should it be used to contact electricity suppliers.