Ofgem consumer video to explain networks

Wednesday 8 October 2014

Today Ofgem have launched a new animated video explaining the importance of the energy network and the role they play as its regulator.

With one fifth of your energy bill going to keeping the energy network running, it’s essential that consumers understand the crucial role it plays in getting gas and electricity to homes and businesses.

Key facts included in the video:

  • By 2015, £80 billion will have gone into network improvements since privatisation.
  • Network costs are 17% lower in 2014 than they were before privatisation (excluding inflation).
  • Since 2002, there’s been a 30% drop in power cuts.

Martin Crouch, senior partner for transmission, Ofgem said: “The launch of today’s video is a further step in our drive to improve transparency in the energy industry. The pipes and wires that make up the energy network are vital parts of the process that ensures we can all carry out all the daily activities we take for granted such as watching the TV or cooking our dinners."

To view the video click here.