Networks and HSE collaborate to remove biomethane barriers

For immediate release – Tuesday 28 May 2013

The Gas Distribution Networks (GDNs) and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have worked together to remove a major barrier to more widespread use of biomethane on the gas network.

Research commissioned by Wales and West Utilities has provided evidence to show that biomethane with an oxygen level of 1% or less has no adverse effects of the integrity of pipelines operating up to 38 barg due to corrosion. In the absence of a current industry standard, the GDNs and HSE have agreed that when suitable precautions are taken by biomethane producers the gas is usable on the gas grid.

David Smith, Chief Executive of the voice of the networks Energy Networks Association, said:

“I am pleased with the progress that has been made here. Our members have been working hard with the HSE and the biomethane industry to remove this key barrier to biomethane to grid projects in the UK.

“Gas has an enduring role to play in heating our homes and supporting industry, and with greater use of biomethane this can be an even greater player in an affordable, secure and low carbon energy future. Other regulatory and financial challenges remain, and with help from Government, Ofgem and the biomethane industry, we can help deliver even greater amounts of green gas onto the network.”


Notes to editors

38 barg is a measurement of the pressure on the lower pressure distribution network.

It was previously thought that a level of oxygen at less than 1% would react with the hydrogen in the pipes, creating water molecules which would corrode pipes. The research carried out by Wales and West Utilities, and the work of all the Gas Distribution Networks has provided necessary assurances to the Health and Safety Executive that where producers of biomethane take necessary precautions this is safe to use.

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