Networks comment on heat pump penetration

Commenting on the proposed penetration of heat pumps within a smarter grid in the Frontier Economics/EA Technology report, “A framework for the evaluation of smart grids”, Energy Networks Association Chief Executive David Smith, said:

“This is a useful contribution to the debate around how we deliver a lower carbon energy future. Addressing heat and transport are important to this and network companies  are working hard to integrate heat pumps into our energy framework. The networks are critical enablers of a more sustainable and affordable energy future and we are pleased the report recognises this.

ENA working groups are assessing the impact of various new energy technologies and a smarter network can improve their benefits. A key component of this is looking at the future of gas and the development of renewable gas sources.

“Significant penetration of heat pumps when combined with electric vehicles would place a considerable strain on network infrastructure so it is reassuring that the report acknowledges the role of biogas and biomethane rather than relying solely on electricity. We also believe that with a clear customer preference for gas representing 50% of UK energy demand, governments across the UK see an enduring role for gas.

“As shown in the ‘Gas Future Scenarios’ report, commissioned by ENA and carried out by Redpoint Consulting last November, comparing certain scenarios, retaining gas within the energy mix can save up to £700bn from 2010-2050. Using gas for cooking and heat, especially where renewable sources are involved, can both help to overcome issues of network capacity and deliver affordable carbon reduction targets.”


Notes to editors

A copy of the Redpoint Consulting report “Gas Future Scenarios” is available to download.

ENA represents the ‘wires and pipes’ transmission and distribution network operators for gas and electricity in the UK and Ireland.

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