Our energy future is power to the people, not a spy in the fridge

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 at 12:00AM

The relationship between the energy network companies and the public will radically change according to the latest work by global energy consultant KEMA. The report, commissioned by Energy Networks Association (ENA), says that the energy networks will be key to empowering the public to make the right decisions about energy in the future.  

Speaking at ENA’s Well Connected Reception at the Royal United Services Institute on 16th March, ENA’s Chief Executive David Smith will say: “The network companies will increasingly come into contact with energy consumers. Initially this will be through the roll-out of smart meters. But beyond this there opens up a world of new relationships between networks and customers.  

This is not about the spy in the fridge. It is about the public being empowered to manage energy resources more efficiently and more effectively. It will be up to all of us to communicate this message.”  

Also speaking at the event will be Shadow Energy Minister Huw Irranca-Davies MP. He will say: “The British public are becoming increasingly aware of their energy usage, its rising cost, and of climate change. They are becoming smart consumers, amending their energy usage and supplier accordingly; and every company will have to understand the change in relationship with their customers that this will bring.”  



1.The two reports produced by KEMA looking at ‘The Opportunities for Demand Response’ and ‘Strategic Issues and Action Planning’ are available to download from the links here or from the ENA website

2.ENA is working with respected consultants KEMA on how the public can be better engaged in this work. The key drivers are building consumer engagement, developing markets and services and ensuring security and privacy.  

3.The work shows that demand response will bring other great benefits; through more rapid connections and by providing an alternative to conventional generation.  

4.ENA have been charged by DECC and Ofgem with managing the Low Carbon Network Fund Database. As part of this ENA is holding a conference in July in Durham which will enable all stakeholders to input into the networks innovation debate. This ‘Forum for innovation’ will provide crucial impetus and a crucible of new ideas as we examine further the network of the future.

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