SAFELEC final report - Electricity industry reports sound safety record

13 July 2010

SAFELEC final report - Electricity industry reports sound safety record

The electricity sector today reported that it has exceeded by more than 100 per cent its10-year targets for cuts in rates of injury and fatality among its workforce. The announcement follows the launch of a new five-year programme of health and safety improvements.

In a summary report of a decade-long health and safety programme, SAFELEC 2010, ENA and its partners in the programme showed a near 70 per cent drop in days lost per 100,000 employees in 2009 compared with 2002 while deaths and major injuries decreased by 20 per cent over the same period.

ENA chief executive David Smith said: "The electricity industry has shown how collaboration across the sector can make the workplace a safer place for its staff. We are proud of our achievements but we are equally aware of where we must improve in our next health and safety drive, Powering Improvement."

SAFELEC was a highly successful collaboration between the industry, trades unions and the health and safety watchdog HSE. Where SAFELEC was driven by Government-set targets, a new five-year programme, Powering Improvement, launched by the same pan-sector group, will seek to improve further in health and safety areas defined by the electricity industry.

Through SAFELEC, the industry sought to reduce by 30 per cent, the number of working days lost per 100,000 staff through work-related injury or illness. It aimed also to cut by 10 per cent the accidents resulting in major injury and fatalities and a 20 per cent fall in cases work related ill-health.

Notes for editors

Today’s report is the ninth in a series of annual reports charting the electricity industry’s progress, under SAFELEC, in meeting Government targets for improving health and safety as well as agreed industry targets.

SAFELEC produced significant improvements in its key targets but there were areas where variation was significant.

The incidence rate of death and major injury among workers employed by contractors to the power sector fell dramatically during SAFELEC with a reduction of more than 75 per cent. But days lost due to injury and illness among contractor employees increased by 9 per cent. And the industry fell short of its targets for reducing the impact of work-related ill health among its employees. It reported a 24 per cent fall in working days lost compared to a 30 per cent ambition and a negligible decrease in the incidence rate of ill health against a 20 per cent target.

Powering Improvement is based on consultation between the member companies of ENA, generators’ association, AEP, trades unions and HSE. It will focus on three themes over its five years: leadership in health and safety, competence and worker involvement. It supports the HSE strategy Be part of the solution which includes among its goals strong leadership in championing the importance of health and safety in the workplace; increased competence to control risk and greater worker involvement in health and safety issues.

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